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Another successful job completed by the Field Engineering team.

FGGS is known for handling jobs worldwide, so it was good to stay local and provide engineering services and support on a scope of work composed of a full overhaul on a Siemens 42,500KW steam turbine package. In addition, FGGS swapped out the Gearset and Bearings on the unit. Upon visual inspection, FGGS noted that there was burned oil deposit on the toothing. Brown coloration due to varnishing was observed, as well as an abnormal pattern observed on the non-active flank on the turbine side. 

FGGS scope of work was to performed a Major Inspection on the gearbox:

    • Inspection allowed the check of functional clearances and measurement;
    • All bearings have been replaced per OEM specification.
    • New Gear set was installed and old one sent for refurbishment.
    • New Labyrinth seals were installed.
    • All gearbox parameters are within Flender-Graffenstaden specification and the inspection carried out per Flender-Graffenstaden work procedures.

FGGS performed an alignment check and correction was performed in order to ensure the proper operation of the machine. The unit started up successfully and all vibration and temperature readings were under the alarm values and within FG spec. It was another successful job completed by the Field Engineering team.



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