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CAVEX / FGGS provides all the parts and upgrades to your currently installed Flender / Siemens worm drive.

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With CAVEX’s purchase of the Flender / Siemens Worm Gear Division, CAVEX is further enabled to provide gear service and support for the energy industry. FGGS is able to provide single-stage and multi-stage units in a variety of sizes. With original Flender OEM drawings, CAVEX can provide Drop-In replacement gear units or upgrades to fit your needs.


CAVEX Worm Gear Units are characterized by a low noise and impact resistant torque transmission. The hardened, cut tooth flanks of the worm shaft and the high-quality bronze of the worm wheel guarantee low wear and long lifetimes. Thanks to the gear tooth geometry in CAVEX Worm Gear Units, you’ll have a huge advantage over conventional units. The CAVEX difference is how much precision goes into making these products and how efficiently they operate. They’re continually developed to make sure the CAVEX Worm Gear is always the optimum solution. This standard of quality makes CAVEX the perfect choice for Oil & Gas power generation and much more.


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Elevators, cement mixers, belt drives, rotary drives, solar technology, food and beverage, and the steel industry all have many use cases where the CAVEX Worm Gear can be applied. Thanks to factors like high ratios, high reliability, maximum overload capability, high torque, long lifetime, and rugged design, the CAVEX Worm Gear is more suitable for any task. Talk to a knowledgeable member of our engineer staff to find out more about the various applications these Worm Gear Units are capable of handling. No matter how sector-specific your needs are, we can find a solution for you.



When you need gearbox design, repairs, and field service for the power generation, oil, gas, and wind energy industries, FGGS is your number one out-of-the-gearbox solution. We’ve been serving the industry since 2000, and you can trust that our highly specialized staff of mechanical engineers and project managers can help. We’re here to not only provide you with the best parts and services available, but also provide you with our collective years of expertise. We’re happy to advise you on the best possible solution that will perfectly integrate with your current applications and processes. Contact us today for more information and to speak with an expert member of our team. If we’re not available, you can always put in a part or service request with our 24/7 e-Request system.